5 Yoga Poses To Help You Fall Asleep

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Ever had trouble relaxing before bed? Here how to do five yoga poses that will help you drift off more easily. Subscribe to HuffPost Today: http://goo.gl/xW6HG Instructor: Nicole Lynne Hooley…

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G Anderson says:

Yoga is pretty useful.

Manic Bunny says:

I need to live my life with greater intention.
Sleep and I have always danced around each other. I give it a whirl,
she gives me a twirl, and then we spin. You never know where we will end up.
It’s not choreographed with the usual players. My toothbrush and a
prayer have standing solos when I do not accidentally just fall out,
and that is about it. Is there a changing of the guards into pajamas?
Sometimes. Is there meditation? Sometimes. Music? Often. A bed ? I
mean surely I come to rest in my bed. 50% of the time I intentionally
travel in that direction, the other 50% holds numerous spots. The blue
leather chair and ottoman, the cashmere throw bundled as a pillow is
a popular haunt. Mostly though, Sleep and I Freestyle. Lucid dreaming
is always on hand, even when uninvited. She just cuts in as if its her duty.
Along with her trusty companions, nightmare and premonitions. I’m not
ready to say anymore. So tomorrow I have decided to take the lead in this
dance. Yoga shall be my partner.

Manic Bunny says:

I am going to do this every night for the next week.
No matter what – with intention.

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