ashtanga yoga demo

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ashtanga yoga demo of steven green shot on location in india.

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Siddharth Patel says:

A recent attack in San Diego,Ca court on this Yoga technique Ashtanga Yoga is totally unfounded. After watching this clip, couple times I noticed participant is looking up in sky with his hands folded which may imply there is some kind of praying involved consisting of Hindu God. A total hog wash. Aren’t all religion’s devotees prey to the mighty God somewhere above us. I think parents who have filed law suit with justice dept. should watch this clip few times. There is no religion involved.

Allison Cunningham says:

Lovely! Something I find so funny about yoga is how some of the poses that look the simplest are actually the most difficult. I’m impressed at 6:02-6:08 how everyone can keep their leg parallel to the floor. That takes so much practice and strength!

Ying Yang Living says:

Great class! The environment makes it even more serene and brings inner peace to the self. Thank you!

Ana Genes says:

thank you!

Optimista1234 says:

Very inspiring video.

Entertainment758 says:

Fantastic Video.I Liked It.Watch Funny Videos-

zibbz80 says:

Wow those moves are insane! Yoga practice here I come!

Marsha Mellow says:

He Steven, Could you tell me how long it took you to reach this level of perfection? How many hours per day –how many years? You are very inspiring.

Diane Truesdale says:

What’s the name of the music? I love it! Diane

Nelly Swanson says:

Yoga is a very spiritual experience, not just workout. I find meditations really helpful to achieve good yoga results. Im also very into sensestamps, binaural beats and mantras. All together it’s a great cocktail for relaxation.

Gary bucy says:

whats your diet like on an average day?

roshan bob says:

Hello Mr Steven. Your video is superb. I wanted to know how many levels of yoga there are and at what position is the Ashtanga yoga. How to achieve enlightenement through Yoga.

kickingthesunset says:

Your Surya A’s are beautiful! How long have you been practicing? Did you study in Mysore? Namaste.

FreiherrLenzelot says:

Inexperienced viewers be advised; these yoga folks might seem skinny. Don’t get confused here, because their bodies contain less water than most people; they sweat a lot during the practice.

If you have only a half decent body, go for a challenging discipline, just as Ashtanga/Iyengar Yoga or further descendant forms of Krishnamacharia’s early 20th century teachings is. Unlimited rewards are waiting for you. I’d love to see more big people to go for yoga cause is for literally *everyone*!

Arthur C says:

Very nice. Do you watch MTS(Mastering the System)? I’m training in NW Oregon 🙂

letsgoflagging says:

does he fart at 5:30??

Ram Chandra Mishra says:

Our body itself is a GYM

steven green says:

i’m working on it, watching eddie bravo. i train at gracie humaita in austin tx.

jadex38 says:

I NEED to know what music is playing? I LOVE THE MUSIC!!!
and of course I LOVE the video… I first saw it 5 years ago and it immediately inspired me to do Ashtanga yoga:-) the best demo of ashtanga on youtube bar none…
Peace and light !

Jasoda Ramkoeber says:

Zo mooi. Hoe waar kan ik Asthanga yoga leren. In India.

BigBangTheory546 says:

CHECK IT OUT!!! “Big Bang Theory – No Regrets”

chinoise007 says:

Le première fois quand je l’ai vu c’étais 2006. C’est mon rêve.

David Urquhart says:

Whenever I face a hostile day or weekend I turn to this video, it brings some peace to my mind. Thank you for posting it up.

VIPmsg says:

People, Stop this demonic Masquerade… Yoga is demonic, this meditation is demonic, stop this Circus ! Open your life to JESUS CHRIST, start a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved ! JESUS CHRIST SAVES – GET SAVED NOW

zengoddes says:


greenygrassy says:

i keep coming back to this – it is my yogic inspiration.  i’ve watched it many times. thank you. x

1920ice says:

Wow , great flexibility , difficult to attain , keep it up

paullie6719 says:

One of the best yoga vids I’ve seen.

cherainaturals says:

Centuries old, yoga can help build strength and flexibility, while decreasing stress. It also promotes a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is a great way to help lower high blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate. No one is too old for yoga. No one is too young.

frank0067 says:

I wouldn’t advise anyone to get involved in yoga..
Its from eastern mystic hindu religion, involving spiritual practices.

ariellecat says:

I spy with my little eye a MONKEY!

carmenchowable says:

He moving effortless like water

carmenchowable says:

Wow . He moving effortless like water

XxTrIcKsHoTeRxX says:

I like indian food

steven green says:

thanks. you know we just met recently in austin at your castle hill workshop. small world 🙂

KinoYoga says:

This is a great clip :-) Love the scenes all around India!

MAJOR51209 says:

indian huh me too indian

stakovsky82 says:

C’est la détente !! J’adore la musique Indoue !! Et on peut apercevoir un monkey à 0:32 !! OLALAH !!!!!

pillipratap1 says:

He is inspiring

giubril says:

The man, through meditation and concentration of the body and mind, can come to feel
the magical dimension of life. It ‘important to the guidance of a teacher, but also the place where this activity of meditation is performed
“There are places in the world, where prodigious and astonishing truths that scientists will discover only in the distant future, are already in front of us! They look us in the eye!”

Arthur C says:

Oh my God i wanna teach this guy the Rubber Guard!!

Nisatu27 says:

Damn he’s flexible!

Marina Cecchini says:

Mi sembra guardando certi passaggi che riesca a volare…e vorrei essere cosi ‘ in armonia e perfezione.m.

Marina Cecchini says:

Meravigliose asana…shanti

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