Beginner Yoga 20 min Vinyasa Hatha class Level 1 Abs Back Stretching

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FULL LENGTH CLASS BEGINNER LEVEL LEVEL 1 HATHA VINYASA FLOW SPECIFIC FOCUS ON LOWER BACK- strengthening and stretching. Core work, twists, hip openers, hamst…

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Nicholas Jackson says:

Just getting back in shape. Lost 40 pounds on diet alone and now doing
weights and this is by far more of a work out then a treadmill and

Weiting Wu says:

really good that doing this as morning warm up!

Jak Angelescu says:

Ali is my favorite yoga teacher ever. She makes it so easy for people to
understand and I love how she just knows what us bigger/out of
shape/inexperienced people go through like when she says “if your left knee
doesn’t touch the floor that’s okay.” It makes me feel like she really
understands every body. Because I’m so weak and so heavy, doing pushups,
crunches, etc is out of my ability but I do her routines with confidence
and it’s possible for someone like me to do. My joints AND muscles feel so
much better no matter what routine. No stress, just awesomeness.

Olga0051 says:

Absolutely love your videos Ali! You saved my back- I work too much at my
computer at work and my back gets all cramped up. Thank you!

Lauren Blanset says:

Day 15 of my #PinYourResolution Yoga Evolution! I have been pretty sick the
past few days, and my nose has been so stuffed it’s hard to breathe
normally, let alone breath during Yoga. I took it super easy today with
this short class. ANYONE can do this class, I promise! I cannot believe how
much this helped my head & sinuses feel better–and it cleared my clogged
nose right up!
Ali, do you have any suggestions as to what practice will help with a head

Алеся Никольская says:

It`s wonderful!!! Thank you Ali!

Joseph Taylor says:

this is one of the best videos I’ve found. I just wish it was slower in
terms of holding positions longer. 

Tới Phan Tấn says:

Tks Ali Kamenova

Noa Fisher says:

your videos are excellent ! thank you!

Paula Kaarina says:

While this was very suitable lengthwise for a morning practise I felt that
at times the flow was a bit too fast or would have benefitted for
additional narration so there’s less need to peek to the computer screen
while doing an asana. 

jennampitman says:

Normally I do your power yoga videos and they are INTENSE. Today was rough,
both physically and mentally (for example, I started at 9pm, normally I’m
done with yoga around 6) so I wanted something easy and relaxing. This was
perfect. I did modify some of the positions too make them more challenging
but even without that I DID start sweating during some of this. Thank you
so much!

Monica Jacobs says:

Thank you for making yoga very accessible. I often can’t get to the yoga
studio and can’t always commit an hour. I really appreciate you posting
these. I’ve also dragged my very inflexible partner and 6 year old daughter
onto the mat as 20 minutes is very doable for all of us. Thanks again.

bodybuilding says:


carinavi24 says:

Thank you for videos..they are my fave on YouTube..the atmosphere is superb
and the special appearance from the dog is the best!

Ali Kamenova says:

Deanne R thank you. I will upload a short explanation as soon as I can.
Meanwhile you don’t need to keep your knee bent at 90 degrees. Bent is as
much as you need to by bringing the heel back in towards the opposite hip
in order to keep the hips aligned. Keep an eye out for the explanation
video. Blessings

Ali Kamenova says:

Weiting Wu thank you so much! The elbows should be straight but not
hyperextended. Also place the wrists exactly underneath the shoulders. As
far as how to open the chest I will make a video on it because it’s hard to
explain it on here. Keep an eye out for it. Love

Ali Kamenova says:

Sorry I didnt see this question. Just stick to the beginner level up until
you find it to be easy. Walk, dont hop for a while and slowly start adding
small hops. You have to work on partial and full chaturangas for a while
before you can move on to a more difficult level. Keep practicing and you
will know when it’s time to move to another level. Love

Laura Agrusti says:

WOW! Thanks a lot. Where do you live? Do you stay in a paradisiac place? 🙂
Sincerely, Laura

Noemi Alvarez says:

Is this in Sam Pedro

T_Vall87 says:

Where are you from?

Weiting Wu says:

Dear Ali, I am so grateful that I found your channel, I’ve followed your
practice for about a month I really love it. make me feel calm and feel the
power inside me. But I still have some questions would like to ask . when
doing side plank, should I straight complete my elbow or should I bend a
little, I always worry I will break my arm.. second, when doing for example
dophin, you say open the chest, but I don’t really know how I could open my
chest in this posture, could you give me some tip?

Ali Kamenova says:

Noemi Alvarez yes this is a SAN PEDRO 🙂

Gluko Peponi says:

Also I really like the fact that you posted shorter length sequences , they
are really useful! Thanks again!!

Catalina B says:

Me encantan tus clases de yoga! Muchas gracias por compartirlas. Desde
Argentina, Namaste!

Ali Kamenova says:

Brittney thanks! Start practicing with me! And keep me posted on your
progress! 🙂

Sweetavril Blackspine says:

This is so relaxing! I’m planning to do this 3-4 times a week! I like your
explanation, it’s so easy to follow, your voice is also so relaxing, thank
you so much! You’re such an inspiration!

Weiting Wu says:


Brittney Jones says:

Love your stuff! My goal is to look like you

Ali Kamenova says:

Laura this is the california coastline. It is very heavenly 😀

Ali Kamenova says:

Thank you! Blessings

sandy Riar says:

Ali – I am new to Yoga and find your videos are super easy to follow. I
want to Thank you for posting these. God Bless. Sandy

Ali Kamenova says:

Sandy, very happy to hear that. Blessings

Natalie Bene says:

Thanks Ali! This was great after doing ur latest video last nite! Love ur
website and would love more recipes!!

Weiting Wu says:

third I would like to ask how do I know I am still beginner or I can moving
to intermediate level? because mostly I just practive at home as I can’t
afford to many classes in the studio. Last question is about the strength
of arm, for example the jump from downward facing dog to foreward bend, I
don’t dare to try to hop up, and also crow..and headstand, how I know I am
ready for these?? sorry for so many silly questions and I really want to
say thank you, you are so beautiful and full of power

Ali Kamenova says:

Bulgaria 🙂 Zdravei

Ariel Lampert says:

love all of your vids thanks for your time in making these i hope there is
more to come. also, i am excited bc my heels now touch the ground in down
dog. it’s taken me since i started in 2011 but now they touch. practice
makes perfect. thnx namaste

october021 says:

Thank you so much you’re so inspiring can You do beginners level

Ali Kamenova says:

Thank you! Namaste

Bavani Dash says:

Thank you for this lovely yoga videos. I just subscribed.

Ali Kamenova says:

I will try to add more recipes/food pix to my blog and tumblr 🙂 Blessings

Gluko Peponi says:

Hi Ali ! Thank you so much for your videos, I am so happy that I discovered
your channel, so many challenging and delightful workouts! Beautifully
designed! You are very inspirational motivational dynamic yet gentle and
fluid , you have a very authentic style and your personality shines through
your truly helpful guidance ! Love your dog and your intro “namaste
beautiful yogis” always puts a smile on my face 🙂 Wish more people could
find your channel! Keep it on and a big big thank you !

Kevin Delrosario says:

Love the scenery. Great videos.

jill skog says:

am i the only one who has trouble doing the right moves when following all
these instructors? i feel like i don’t really see what they’re doing and
that it’s too hard to follow, so frustrating

Andriy Shvidkiy says:

Nah! .I did -20 lbs in 1 week.Go to

Ali Kamenova says:
Carmeen Cassius says:

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