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The definition of everyday life in the 21st century has undergone a drastic change. Stress, tension, pressure and the hectic, almost frantic pace of today’s lifestyle, all of these have an adverse effect on the human psyche and physique. These factors often lead to various illnesses and ailments like heart diseases, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure etc., which severely debilitate life-styles and are often life-threatening.

The Let Go! Series’ videos are an attempt to bring succor to your everyday life, by introducing you to an array of knowledge, and activities that would give you strength, both physical and mental, to better face the myriad problems of the 21st century life-style.

India, a land that has given the world several marvels in science and medicine, is also the place of origin of, Yoga.

Yoga, an integrated system of health and life-style for the holistic development of a person, aims at the well being of not just the body, but also the mind. Yoga has been practiced for literally thousands of years in India. It is today considered by many millions in India and abroad to be the most suitable form of exercise, for fitness and for a peaceful stress-free lifestyle.

Yoga prescribes postures or asanas, which are a series of physical exercises that lead to body fitness and provide relief from various ailments

These postures or asanas strengthen and tone the muscles, tissues, ligaments, joints and nerves. They also maintain the smooth functioning and health of all the body’s systems like the respiratory, digestive, circulatory and digestive systems. Yoga postures also boost the metabolism and hormonal secretions. Yoga also helps bring about a chemical balance within the body, which is crucial for everyday living.
And now for the first time, the Let Go! Series Yoga videos, produced by Shashikant Chheda and Amit Chheda of Gipsy video, bring to you Yogacharya Avneesh Tiwari’s training and Yoga regimens for the benefit of people around the world… people suffering from different ailments and for all those looking for complete spiritual, mental and physical fitness.

The Let Go! Series’ Yoga videos directed by Aman Khan, are hosted by Dr. Mrs. Aditi Govitrikar (Mrs. World — 2000) along with Mukul Dev, popular TV and Film personality. Aditi Govitrikar and Mukul Dev have also trained with Yogacharya Avneesh Tiwari and demonstrated the asanas in the videos along with other disciples of the Yogacharya. The series offers 18 titles on VCD’s to choose from. Rich production values, specially composed music track by Rajendra Shiv, hi-end animation and a specially designed Nutritional management programme are features of these videos.

The videos demonstrate the various asanas or postures in an easy-to-follow manner, The specific ailments and their causes and the benefits of each of the asanas and Yoga on your system are explained beautifully. Dr. Poornima Kasbekar — M.B.B.S., is the medical consultant of the Let Go! Series’ Yoga videos. Each video is packaged along with a specially recorded ‘Yoga….the Harmony of Life’ audio CD, with original compositions based on Indian classical music and a couple of fusion tracks, creating just the right ambience and making it an excellent accompaniment for your Yoga sessions at home or office. A specially designed and recommended Diet Plan by Madhuri Somani –Dietitian is also packaged free along with select titles.

All these factors make the Let Go! Series’ Yoga

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