The Sexiest Butt Pants Ever.

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mchlbln says:

i bet there is nothing she looks bad in!!!

AllthatandMoore says:

I love those last pants and feel better freddy!

delleriumtremens says:

i probably never saw better bum than yours 🙂 😉

just perfect!

monsterabyss240692 says:

your body is amazing

dnajohnny says:

She still look Hot and sexiest, no matter what she wearing !
you’re a Luckiest man dude~!!

dnajohnny says:

I love that he make the topic of the video <3
you the hottest healthiest girl ever

catswoman75 says:

hello zusana! you have a perfect body…respect!…

bmanbmac says:

Been a while since I’ve watched your videos and of course when I decide to its you trying on clothes, interesting… by the way good God!!!

raschben says:


I9F6R13E5 says:

I love her abs 🙂
hello abs ..

ketwenah says:

she makes shape-ups look cool.

jamiekin says:

Get better Tucker XD

Bo Hansen says:

ty 4 yesterday sus=)

xxlokdog24xx says:

i started crying because of hot she is

1983Dave1983 says:

I swear she’s a Demi-God! O_O

Oh and dude, don’t lie, we know she beat you up 😉 lol

Giselle Alba says:

I checked them out…and they really cute pants..but they are way out of my spending limit on workout pants.!! lol

Vfare36 says:

I just bought three jackets with the thumb cut out… from them they are expensive but so worth it!

Arnoldstwin says:

God bless lululemon that’s ass is amazing and the fact that it’s a Canadian company makes it so much better.

beHIndthecoDE says:

i saw these people at my lie…holy shit..

John Ramirez says:

so sexy with yellow

JaEValentino says:

god your hot LOL

bundlesofmsg says:

omg you really are the most perfect woman in the world, unbeliievably gorgeous

residentflea says:

hehe Dude you look so sad hehehe….and your girlies….she’s so cute…..:-)

TPZippy says:

Rounder, Smaller, and Tighter…. Yes I am totally listening to you? lol

LadyAstridd says:

I wear lots of lululemon even though i dont usually work out. Very expensive though

LunaParvulus says:

She’s not French.

AaByx says:


Michelle White says:

lululemon makes everyone have a nice bum! 😉

pantscheese says:

I wouldn’t mind getting hit by her.

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