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Close Due to many requests, here is a Yoga sequence for everybody to start your Yoga practice at home .YOGA FOR BEGINNERS Part 1. Make su…

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Drew Dinnall says:

240p… its been a while

maybealover says:

I’m African American, I like indie rock, I like meditating, smoking herb, doing yoga, taking psychedelics and writing poetry and trip reports, learning about shaman myths, I can see fairies and things, and I know a bit of magic, I am a bit irish and Native American and originally from a place called Wanti, I started my own school of zen wantism, I am an energy healer and artist, with love of chaos, I am also a fairy changeling

Diamond sutra Buddha says:

Wanti Shaman

maybealover says:

Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

BarrySir says:

good video.Yoga is cool. And Tai Chi is similar to Yoga. Both are good for health and can be used for meditation.I am a Chinese Tai Chi instructor,I hope that everyone can practice Tai Chi or Yoga(Please feel free to watch my video too ^.^)

Jeff Walgren says:

Namaste , thank you 🙂

Bobe Markovski says:

They laughed when I told them I would build muscle with Max Muscle Method, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Max Muscle Method to see their reaction.

vivalasvegas69 says:

hello esther. i have a meniscus tear in my right knee, is it safe to do this routine?

Adelino Vilela says:

yoga was good exercise for the heart deazise/heart attack
if do yoga exercise you will be more save from heart attack

ReflexionYoga says:

Great intro! Setting the tone of moving slowly through every posture is soooo important! This video is very calming and soothing, I love it.

gheele Arboleda says:

thanks for your videos. I really need this.

Robin Monroe says:

i have back pain. will yoga help manage that?

Robin Monroe says:

im ready to get my body in shape and more flexable. im really hoping this is something i can stick to.

Sue Nichols says:

Both my knees are really bad and this was my first time trying Yoga. I have to say I liked it and it really didn’t bother my knees much. I need to be healthier but use low impact exercise too. I plan to continue to follow your videos. Thank you so much!!

rachynx abraham says:

Love the video. Yoga is truly tremendous. I swear by yoga since the time I joined yoga classes. My migraine, cold, fever sleeplessness everything has decreased ALOTTT!!! I recommend yoga to everybody…go for it 🙂

rhett guthrie says:


Rainy Flame says:

paradigm shift, maya is reality and consciousness which is freedom and freedom from suffering, maya is taomaya

dilainy kromordjo says:

Nederlands accent? of vergis ik me heel erg :) Maar alsnog een lekkere yoga oefening. Dankjewel.

Dushyant Singh says:


dolcebambolina98 says:

Bella casa !!! Ahahahahah

Filip Grujoski says:

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when these other normal people do it so easily with Slim Body Maximizer (go google it).

cow4652 says:

Divine Love! Eat cannabis, send out an aura of healing loving intelligent Qi energy for all beings in the spirit of Ghandhi, mlk jr, every environmentalist and animal rights activist, every person trying to raise vibrations, for oneness, energy flows around us giving us a good life spirit of energy, needing money less, creating our own cultures, intellectual cultures of cannabis inspired yogis outside of the formal academic world, the thinking dropout

Rainy Flame says:

Everything is Divine Love

fitnesscoachusa says:

Great video! 

tildetilde says:

This is far too advanced for a beginner video. She moves through the exercises at lightning speed and rattles through her descriptions of what she’s doing so quickly that it makes my brain spin more than a video on quantum mechanics. Are there any videos that take their time and explain the steps carefully enough for a beginner to follow?

noingabo says:

Divine love!

Rainy Flame says:


Rainy Flame says:


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