Yoga – Full 55 min class ~ Hatha Yoga Flow 4

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Yara Sings says:

She is sooo persian

b.gupta gupta says:

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Rachel Lindsay says:

This is my favourite class to do at least once a week, sometimes every day.

Maximiliano Gribay gomez says:

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Rebecca L says:

I pulled a muscle at 27:31…I think that’s enough yoga for one day lol

Kelly Norton says:

This is great! Almost ANYONE can do this. It is so good and healthy for
your body and mind. I love how she gives ample time for each pose. There is
plenty of time for the breath. Unlike some “yoga” videos on Youtube, where
the poses and breath are rushed.

גל פ says:

wow, amazing! thank you !

Phoebe Vernier Cáceres says:

Peaceful and tranquil.

nisha shrestha says:

Go Google Fat Blast Furnace and you will discover why particular foods
‘explode’ in your stomach.

Hung Nguyen Viet says:

Definitely, this lesson has Thai spirit inside, i can feel it for 4 years
experience of living in Thailand, love the lesson cause of my lovecof Thai,
i will practise this for sure. Cheers

Michele Nascimento says:


waadfrelle says:

loved it, thanks, I couldn’t perform any of these exercises as meant, but I
will continue working on them every day.

Jed Godwin says:


Chui Yee Leung says:

why the video has no sound ??

Lois Rainy says:

I like this one but I am not into the perfect poses yet. 

Piotr Piaskowksi says:

that was very nice, thank you :)

sixtysix kompis says:

Love it it’s really really good!!

tina modoti says:

Yoga fulls me of life, makes me fell alive, my respirations takes me to
myself deeply, often I make weight exersices but
Yoga is the best to feel the life inside of me.

livioangel says:

great beginner class 

Keziah Gibbons says:

Thanks so much. I love how you integrate the breath and your voice and
being are so calm. Namaste :)

tjuci87 says:

Highly recommended for beginners. I will return to it. :)

Michael Querin says:

Good video

elavarashan rajeendran says:

yoga nidra at the end was perfect.

Sars says:

Very relaxing yoga good for first exercise in the morning! Thank you x

marihuanamuffin says:

great flow, thank u so much :)

Alex frazier says:

yoga fire ! yoga flame ! kat kat kat kat karound kick ! adooken !!! tiger
uppercut !

Mani M says:

Persian accent

Paola Aguilera says:

thank you

Rabia Z says:

Loved it. So gentle.

Christy Myers says:


Keerati Sinil says:

+Choz Cheery’

Yasmin Elliott says:

Great class for beginners and inprovers.

Harmony's Vision says:

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga full 55 minute class

This is a favorite of people who like their class to move along. Each
movement flows into the next in this gentle sequence.

Benefits of Yoga
“Balance in the body is the foundation for balance in life.” – B.K.S.

Improve your posture and personal well-being
Release physical and mental stress
Do what you like, with greater ease and comfort
Retain/regain flexibility
Restore your vital energy
Increase mental focus and physical strength
Boost your confidence, self esteem and co-ordination
Improve your overall life balance and performance
Massage the internal organs, muscles and skin
Cleanse and detoxify the body
Stimulate effectiveness of the arteries, lymphatic system, prostate
Work toward body-mind integration and synthesis which leads to a
greater connection with one’s consciousness
Use the physical self to refine the mind
Awaken every cell of the self and the soul
Link movement, mind and breath to create a feeling of balance,
relaxation and harmony
Improve concentration
Learn to still the mind
Combat back pain, lethargy and poor posture
Cultivate healthy sleep patterns
Fight numerous ailments, especially dis-eases in the respiratory
system, heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen and digestive tract
Learn to turn your senses inward to achieve complete tranquillity
Merge the mind, body and breath into a single state of being

Lauren Brotherstone says:

Such a nice class. Has lovely meditation at the end too. :D

Lauren Brotherstone says:

Hello everyone, I am new to the community and I would like to share this
video with you all since I loved it so much.

I hope you enjoy,

cultstatus says:

Thank you! Namaste! x

Jay Nel says:

Great, thanks heaps

Chizo5791 says:


jetonblue says:

แก้วตา ดวงใจ says:

Thank you

Ben Parsons says:

Thank you amazing yoga session, glad I picked this one to watch!!! thank
you for sharing!!!

antin ayu says:

Yoga is good I like yogo

师慧 陈 says:

Such a great routine.

Agneta Jurgaityte says:

really love the workout, but god her voice is horrible

thanh xuan says:

i love it

Maria Eugenia Giraldi says:

♥ Esta clase me acompaña desde hace casi dos años… Mis primeros comienzos
en Yoga. Muy lindo y relajante!

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